Beloit prepares to keep cool as near-record heat moves in

As temperatures could likely approach the upper 90s Thursday, the Rock County Health Department is warning people to make sure they are careful if they plan on being outside.

Nationwide, 1,500 people die each year from the heat.

If people are planning on being outside, Rock County health officials are recommending everyone use a lot of sunscreen and drink plenty of liquids to avoid heat stroke.

And while the local pool might seem like a good place to cool off, health officials actually say your best bet is to stay inside the air conditioning.

“We would really strongly caution people spending a lot of time outside in the sun,” said Laura Conklin, a health educator. “If you do want to spend that time outside, make sure you’re practicing good sun safety: things like sunscreen, things like getting in the shade whenever you can, staying out of direct sunlight.”

Conklin also said it’s good to stay inside during the hottest time of the day, which is between noon and 5 p.m.

Janesville’s Salvation Army is one of many places throughout Rock County that will serve as a cooling center in the upcoming days.