Beloit police ask for help identifying two theft suspects

Photos of two suspected Beloit thieves

BELOIT, Wis. — Police are asking for help with identifying two men who are believed to be connected to a recent theft from an unlocked vehicle.

According to a pair of Facebook posts from the Beloit Police Department, two men entered a car and stole a wallet. During an initial investigation, an officer discovered the car allowed key-less entry, which requires an electronic fob to be in close proximity to the vehicle. The responding officer discovered that the place where the victim hung her keys inside her residence was close enough to the vehicle to enable the key-less entry.

Monday night, the Beloit Police Department shared two photos of men believed to be connected to the theft. The men were caught on security camera at a local business. They reportedly used a stolen credit card to make purchases at the store.

Police are asking anyone with information about this case to call 608-757-2244.