Beloit police arrest 4th teen in viral fight video, don’t plan on arresting witnesses

Police want witnesses to tell them information
Beloit police arrest 4th teen in viral fight video, don’t plan on arresting witnesses

Beloit police arrested a fourth Beloit Memorial High School student Thursday morning stemming from an after-school fight that was recorded and posted on Facebook.

The fight happened near Shore Drive and Beach Avenue shortly after school was released April 27. Police said the fight originally started between one suspect and the victim, 16-year-old Josh Musick , who had an encounter over a belt a few weeks prior. Once the pair started fighting, three other boys jumped in.

Police said the four suspects are all between the ages of 14 and 16. Officials arrested three of the suspects shortly after the initial incident, but police said it took longer to identify the fourth person.

“When that student came to school today (Thursday), then he was arrested,” Lt. John Kaltenbrun, with the Beloit Police Department, said.

The video, posted on Facebook Monday , shows several other students standing by and watching as the suspects punched, kicked and stomped on Josh; but police said no one tried to stop the fight or came forward with any information.

“Our message that we want to get out to everybody is please don’t allow these things to go on,” Kaltenbrun said. “Please look out for each other.”

Wisconsin Statute 940.34 says, “Any person who knows that a crime is being committed and that a victim is exposed to bodily harm shall summon law enforcement officers or other assistance or shall provide assistance to the victim.”

Failure to do so can result in a Class C misdemeanor charge , which can come with a maximum fine of $500, up to 30 days in prison or both.

However, Beloit police said they don’t plan on arresting any of the witnesses. Officials just want to learn more about what happened.

“Our goal is to be able to obtain more witness statements to help build a stronger case against the people that were arrested,” Kaltenbrun said.

There are some exceptions to the duty to aid a victim or report crime statute. The law says witnesses aren’t obligated to get help or help the victim if someone else is already doing so or if doing so would place them in danger.

“Encourage people that at times you have to step in, even if it goes so far as to notifying somebody nearby because you’re afraid of being injured as a result of it,” Kaltenbrun said.

He also said it appears the fight was not racially motivated.

“I think it stemmed just from bad blood going back to the one individual, the primary one, wanting this belt that the victim had,” Kaltenbrun said.

Police said the four suspects are facing charges of battery, and one suspect is also facing a theft charge after police said he took Josh’s backpack.