Beloit police arrest 15-year-old for fatal Labor Day weekend shooting

BELOIT, Wis. — Beloit police say they have arrested a 15-year-old boy for first-degree intentional homicide in connection to a Labor Day weekend shooting.

Police say they worked with Beloit school officials to find out which class the boy was in before arresting him at Beloit Memorial High School Monday morning.

The school was put on a soft lockdown while police arrested him. Police Chief Andre Sayles says the boy had a gun in his bag at the time of his arrest, and they’re investigating how he got the gun in the first place.

“I’m very concerned,” Sayles said. “They’re minors. I go back to when I was a juvenile minor, I didn’t have handguns. I don’t know where these children are getting these handguns from. I think the biggest thing is it takes a village to raise these kids and I think us as a community, as a police department, we need to step up and get our arms around our young people in the city.”

The body of a 19-year-old was found between two houses on Sunday, September 5th. Beloit police later said they believed the person was shot and killed two days before their body was found.

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During a press conference Monday, police did say they had a report of shots fired in the area on Friday night.

Police say the boy is currently being held as a juvenile and is not being identified at this time, but they may release more details if he is charged as an adult.

“It’s disheartening to see some of these young kids, especially young men of color, losing their lives to senseless violence. It’s ridiculous,” Sayles said. “We need to stick together and be united to stop this senseless violence going on.”

The School District of Beloit sent a statement to families Monday afternoon with information from police on the arrest, saying the district “is cooperating fully with the City of Beloit Police Department in their investigation.”