Beloit College investigates anti-Semitic note, Muslim threat on campus

BC: 'Behavior like this will not be tolerated'

Beloit College students were the target of hate crimes this weekend, the college said Monday.

Beloit College spokeswoman Whitney Helm said in an email that two students were the target of hate crimes; an anti-Semitic note was placed under a student’s door in a residence hall on Friday and an anti-Muslim threat was spray-painted Monday on another student’s residence hall door. An offensive symbol was also painted on a nearby wall.

Beloit police said the department is investigating three incidents of potential hate crimes at the college, but it wouldn’t release any details Monday.

The college increased the number of security staff on duty after the first incident and added restrictions to residence hall entry access.

Additional security cameras are being installed on campus, according to the college.

The college sent email messages to faculty, staff and parents about the hate crime and the college’s planned responses.

The Beloit community will be gathering at an event Monday “to take a first step towards harnessing some of the collective strength,” according to the statement. Helm said the event is not open to the public or media.

“Beloit College continues to actively pursue inclusivity and anti-racist goals to make sure that all members of our community are safe and their voices are heard,” Beloit College said in a statement Monday. “Behavior like this does not define Beloit. It is completely antithetical to all the Beloit community stands for and will not be tolerated.”