Beloit business offers presidential vote with each car wash

Car wash features 2 Obama bays, 2 Romney bays, 1 undecided bay
Beloit business offers presidential vote with each car wash

At least 15% of registered voters in Beloit turned in their absentee ballots before Friday night’s deadline.

But there is another place where people can voice their presidential pick all weekend and even through Election Day.

And it’s not at the polls.

Banners hang from each bay at United Car Wash on Beloit’s Madison Street, where Frank McKearn set up a drive-through voting system.

At least once a day, McKearn and his brother, Tim, check each of the spots and collect cash and change from each machine. They add that up to gauge who is winning their small scale version of the election.

“It seems like it reflects the way the rest of the country is,” McKearn said. “It’s pretty close right now.”

“I know I chose which bay I wanted to go into,” customer Jean Marie Nielsen said, “so I’m guessing that other people, if they saw the sign would do the same thing.”


“This is the most important election, the biggest election that we’ve ever had,” customer Steve Kraus added.

At last count, Mitt Romney had 43% of the vote, while Barack Obama took 40% of the vote. The other 17% chose the undecided space.

“Once word got out around town, business picked up quite a bit,” McKearn mentioned.

That could also be because a portion of the profits are going to Caritas food pantry in Beloit. McKearn estimated the donation would be around $400 to $500.

The car wash election runs a total of three weeks, wrapping up on Tuesday.

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