Belleville man accused of having sex with teen along trail

Man on paid leave from job at UW Hospital
Belleville man accused of having sex with teen along trail
Matthew Tweed

A Belleville man is accused of having sex with a minor along a Green County recreational trail.

Matthew G. Tweed, 35, of Belleville, was charged in Green County on Monday with five counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child and two counts of child enticement-sexual contact. He’s on paid administrative leave from his job as a security guard at UW Hospital in Madison.

The 14-year-old victim told police she first met Tweed in August when she ran past his house and he caught up to run with her along the Badger State Trail. She said she agreed to let him run with her before he began to playfully bump into her and, at one point, he stopped to kiss and fondle her.

She told police there were four occasions of sexual contact at two locations along the trail all starting the same way, with the last contact in September.

The girl told police she didn’t want the contact to happen but let it happen because she was scared. She said she’s scared of him because he’s creepy and always watches her.

Tweed told police the pair kissed during the first incident, but nothing else, and said the other cases of sexual intercourse were consensual. He said that in the first case, she threw herself at him and in the other cases, they had consensual sex. He said he never saw her crying and said they even held hands and laughed at times after having sex. He said she never told him to stop.

Tweed said the girl had told him she was 15. He said he didn’t know her age prior to that, and thought she was 19. He said he told her they could never have sexual contact again but that she told him it would happen again.

UW Hospital released a statement saying Tweed was hired in 2009, and background checks conducted in 2009 and 2013 didn’t reveal any criminal record or cause for concern, according to the hospital.

The hospital also stated that there is no evidence Tweed engaged in any inappropriate behavior involving children at the hospital at any time.

Tweed was a Dane County Sheriff’s deputy from January 2004 to June 2004. He did not pass probation.

Tweed is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.