Being a bully in this Rock County school district could now earn you a citation of up to $500

On Monday, the Edgerton School District passed an ordinance in partnership with Edgerton police to take a stronger stance against bullies.

Effective immediately, students caught bullying are subject to fines ranging from $10 to $500.

A Rock Co school district says they had to take a proactive stance against bullying happening in schools.

So they passed an ordinance in partnership with police, where school bullies now face fines of $10 – $500 based on their actions.

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“It’s basically is a way to make a child who might be picking on another child aware that it’s not acceptable to do,” said police chief Robert Kowalski.

Kowalski said the department and the district plan to work with parents, using fines as a punishment if behavior doesn’t improve.

Edgerton is the third district in south-central Wisconsin to adopt a policy similar to this one. In September, Sun Prairie Schools passed a similar ordinance. Police say in the three months since, they’ve issued two warnings and one citation.

“I highly doubt that we’ll use this ordinance,” Kowalski said. “But it’s a tool that we have for us to use, to make sure the students are aware of what’s going on.”

District Administrator Dr. Dennis Pauli said the ordinance is meant to take a proactive stance in ensuring student safety.

“Student safety is really our top priority. Whether that be physical safety or emotional safety,” he said. “Success for this would be a reduction in the amount of incidents we’re addressing where bullying may be involved.”

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