Behind the Scenes: Indigo Wings

Behind the Scenes: Indigo Wings

Please describe your involvement with Indigo Wings
 Indigo Wings began as a dream twenty odd years ago when I realized that in addition to my own foster and adoptive children, there were lots of kids with disabilities who were slipping through the cracks in the system and not getting their needs met. As they grew into adults, I envisioned a place where they could come together as a community to learn from each other and find a place of belonging where they were free to create and then sell their creations.
 The name came first, Indigo from the description of Indigo Children, thought to have exceptional abilities, but not fitting into the conventional structure of school and work. It seemed logical to add Wings, symbolic of flight, because the pure expression of art is freeing. So we became “Indigo Wings, Where Art is Freedom”.

What has been the most beneficial element of this organization for you?
 Seeing the progress that some of these artists have made in their personal lives. People who are now getting out into the community, volunteering and expanding on the knowledge they have. The first time I gave a young artist her first commission check, it was $4.20 and she was so happy, I cried.

How has Indigo Wings and its events enhanced the Madison Community?
 Our events have always tried to bring people together to share art and experience other nonprofits. We had a Sweet and Savory Valentine Open House, where we brought together River Bakery to sell sweet items, Porchlight Products to sell both sweet and savory and Mentoring Positives, famous for Off the Block Salsa, with plenty of samples. Feed people tasty treats while feeding their souls with the expression of creativity. We love to have people come together and have fun.

Please tell us about your Gallery
The Gallery space is my “artistic” contribution, I have tried to make it warm and welcoming while allowing the vibrant works of the artists to speak for themselves. Furniture finds and eclectic lighting from garage sales, home and Vinny’s on Willy St. give it a homey feel. People should feel like they can come in, browse, buy and be enchanted by the variety of works created by our local artists.

How can the community get involved with Indigo wings?
Individuals can get involved as artists, mentors, teachers; if time is an issue a tax deductible donation is always welcome; but, most importantly we would love you to stop in and purchase the one of a kind art that we have to offer, and then tell all your friends, of course.

What do you want others to know about Indigo Wings?
Retail space is expensive in the Madison area, which means we are a little hard to find, located on Monona Drive across from Rocky’s and near Monona Grove High School. We are worth the trouble to locate. The artists who work and sell here are an amazing group, many of whom are available to do custom work and all of whom love art. Art reminds them that they have value and the expression of their art sets them free. 

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