Behind the scenes: End of summer picnic at WISC

Behind the scenes: End of summer picnic at WISC

The end of summer brings a new era to WISC with a brand new general manager. Tom Keeler replaces Tom Bier after four decades!  One obvious bonus is the Tom-Tom situation — meaning, I don’t have to remember a new name 🙂

Tom has been on site for about two weeks and already he’s bringing a lot of new energy and excitement into the building. I also love his hats and bright clothing choices – I know it’s not really cerebral to make fashion observations but I did it. So. There.

We had quite a summer picnic this day – we drew for a lot of prizes including Shania Twain tickets, Badgers tickets and Edgewater Spa gift cards. One of the highlights was when Susan Siman won Shania ticktes but gave them to superfan Leah Linscheid. OMG!

There was so much food – and the portobello and mushroom caps were a big hit!!

Anyway, Tom’s doing a great job on first impressions – he ordered the   Chocolate Shoppe   ice cream truck and let the news people go first!! I actually think that’s the first time I’ve had a general manager say something as simple as, “let the news folks go first because they’re on deadline.” Smooth, Tom. Very smooth.

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