Beaver Dam police receive multiple reports of suspicious men approaching kids

Multiple reports of suspicious vehicles and suspicious men outside schools in Beaver Dam prompted an alert Wednesday from police.

The Beaver Dam Police Department said it recently received after-the-fact reports of children being approached by people in vehicles at various locations around the city while the kids are walking home.

Police said the reports say men have asked children if they would like a ride. In other cases, they told them to get in the vehicle. Officers have received various descriptions of the car and men, one of which is a dark-colored sporty type car. Police said some reports have described the man driving as white and others described the man as black.

Police asked residents to be vigilant. Police asked residents to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, which could include a vehicle matching the description pulling up next to a young child and its occupants speaking with child. Investigators also asked that residents report any suspicious activity to the police department.

“The very best pieces of information you can gather would be a license plate and a driver description,” police said in the release.

The department also suggested that parents speak with their children about how to avoid this type of activity, and make sure the children are aware of their surroundings and walking with a friend, when possible.