Beaver Dam family homeless after fire says landlord won’t return rent

Beaver Dam family homeless after fire says landlord won’t return rent

A month after a fire forced them out of their home, members of a Beaver Dam family said they are still homeless due to a lack of support from their landlord.

Shuntay Mayweathers said she paid her rent for the month of April but was displaced April 11th because of the fire. She said her landlord, Richard Giess, never gave her any of that rent money back and is losing even more money while she pays out of pocket to keep her family safe in a motel.

The fire happened at 104 Lakecrest Drive in Beaver Dam; 15 people were hurt . While investigators look for a cause, Mayweathers looks answers. She said Geiss avoided her phone calls. Mayweathers and her five kids are staying at a local motel, but their savings are running out. She said local groups like the Salvation Army have tried to help, but the shelters in Beaver Dam are full.

“The only option I would have as far as somewhere to go is to leave Beaver Dam, go to Madison to the shelter and have my kids miss school,” Mayweathers said. “This is the last few weeks of school; why have them miss their schooling when all this landlord has to do is reimburse me for the money I paid him for the month that I was not able to stay here?”

Mayweathers said she was finally able to get in contact with Geiss Thursday, but he gave no new information on when the apartment will be ready. Our phone calls to Geiss and Guardian Investment Real Estate, the company he works for, went unreturned.