Beating the post-holiday slump: psychiatrist provides tips

MADISON – After a busy holiday season, it’s nice to finally relax and get back to a normal life schedule. But for a lot of people, that return can often bring feelings of sadness and anxiety; something often known as post-holiday blues.

Dr. Gene Yang, a psychiatrist with Rogers Behavioral Health, said prior to the holidays, people often have high expectations for things they’ll enjoy, matched with intense periods of enjoyment.
Once that time has ended, however, Dr. Yang said for a variety of reasons, people are often greeted with less to enjoy and a big mood drop.

“Nests are empty again, so family gathers together, you’re really enjoying it, but even if you’re not enjoying it and it’s really stressful, you have to put on a false face sometimes, be happy in front of the kids,” Dr. Yang said. “So you really don’t have time to recharge.”

Dr. Yang said one of the best ways to create time for recharging is to find things to look forward to, no matter how small. He also suggested getting back in regular routines, such as a normal sleep schedule and healthy diet, as holidays can often alter habits.

If the holiday blues go from a drop in mood to being unable to go about your day, like getting out of bed or keeping up with the house, Dr. Yang suggested speaking with your doctor about ways to manage those feelings.