Bears fan pays fine for using stun gun on wife

Husband, wife made bet over Packers vs. Bears football game
Bears fan pays fine for using stun gun on wife
John Grant

An Illinois man will pay a $250 fine for using a stun gun on his wife after making a bet with his wife on the Packers vs. Bears Monday Night Football game in November.

John Grant, 42, of Tinley Park, Ill. pleaded no contest Thursday in Dodge County court to one court of possession of electric weapon in connection to the incident.

Grant and his wife were at a bar watching the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football in Mayville in November. The couple made a bet that if the Packers lost, Grant would get to use his stun gun on his wife.

Grant’s wife told Mayville police her husband hit her with a stun gun twice and someone else used the stun gun on her a third time. She said she was not injured and did not want medical attention.

The woman told police she did not give anyone permission to use the stun gun on her, but Grant told police there was a cellphone video and text messages of his wife talking about the bet.

Officials said the video and text messages showed the woman consented to the bet and being hit with a stun gun. She told police she did send the text messages but did not think her husband would actually use the stun gun on her.

Police determined that Grant’s wife did give consent to being hit with a stun gun, but Grant was arrested on charges of possessing an electric weapon.