Bear sought for weeks captured

Six weeks after police alerted a Wood County community that a bear was in the area, the critter has been captured.

The Marshfield Police Department said Thursday that a bear first spotted in late March was caught in a trap.

Police said a resident reported seeing a black bear on March 29, and the department advised residents to be aware of the creature and take steps to secure garbage, which attracts bears, “so that it is encouraged to find food sources outside the city.”

Police said more sightings of the bear were reported in mid-April, including photos of the bear sleeping under a resident’s porch: “It decided to sleep under a porch just outside the city limits until the owner woke it up with a flashlight,” police said. A Department of Natural Resources team set a live trap to capture the bear.

Bear sought for weeks captured

No one was injured while the bear was loose in the city.

Marshfield police said bear was trapped Thursday morning without harming it. The bear is being relocated. Pictures from Marshfield police show the bear inside the large metal cylinder bear trap.

In a news release, the department playfully bid the bear adieu, writing: “until we meet again, may your belly be full of curbside trash and birdseed!”

Bear sought for weeks captured Bear sought for weeks captured