‘Be You Crew’ encourages everyone to find purpose in their uniqueness

When April Vaassen got her psychology degree, she knew she’d be working with teenagers and young adults dealing with some difficult transitions. She knew that would be the case because she had struggled as well.

“There was a stage in my life where I didn’t love who I was and didn’t feel like I had purpose and didn’t know where life was going to take me, and that was a really hard time,” Vaassen said. “And ever since that, I’ve always wanted to let people know that they have so much purpose and potential beyond their belief.”

About a year ago, Vaassen started the “Be You Crew” on social media. The goal was to spread positive messages to the masses on platforms that didn’t always encourage people to be themselves. So far, she’s reached people around the world.

“We all have uniqueness in us, and that’s why we’re here,” Vaassen said. “We all have purpose and potential, and we should just love who we are, no matter our flaws or weaknesses, our strengths, everything.”

Vaassen also made shirts to show off how important the concept is to her.

“Saying that, like, I love who I am, it’s vulnerable,” Vaassen explained. ” But I want people to know it’s great to love who you are, and when you love yourself so much, it doesn’t matter if the popular people love you or not. And that, I believe, is, like, power. ”

Vaassen’s daughter is too young to understand let alone say “Be You Crew,” but Vaassen is already looking forward to the day when she can show her friends how important it is to be unique.

” I want her to be an example that it’s cool to love who you are. It’s not cool to fit in with who people want you to be. It’s cool to be who you are, ” Vaassen said.

Next, Vaassen is working to partner with other businesses to expand her “Be You Crew” and her life coaching to even more people.

“When you’re feeling like an outcast and you’re feeling down on yourself, you seriously have a purpose and you have so much potential,” Vaassen said, “and if I could just tell every single person that, I would feel complete.”

To learn more about the ” Be You Crew, ” join the Facebook group or follow the cause on Instagram.

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