Be kind, it’s contagious

Buddies are kind, bullies are not
Be kind, it’s contagious

This is the editorial side of this company saying the news side of the company nailed it with the past years’ Time for Kids Buddy Project.

Be a Buddy Not a Bully is the message and we were pleasantly surprised by the way that message was embraced by young people throughout our viewing area. From bracelet wearing to pledge taking to rather remarkable acts of friendship it’s hard not to conclude the project made a difference.

This week, Wednesday to be exact, WISC and our partner Dean Clinic want to put a capper on the effort with a Day of Kindness. It’s one whole day devoted to celebrating acts of kindness and doing acts of kindness.

What is an act of kindness? You can find a whole bunch of ideas on But we also know you’ll think up others on your own and we hope you’ll share them with us on Wednesday.

The news folks are going to be out collecting examples of your kind acts and sharing them with our viewers. Join us. It should be one very nice and very kind day.