BCycle community pass will let library card holders check out e-bikes

A man riding on a BCycle e-bike
Photo courtesy of BCycle

MADISON, Wis. — Checking out an electric bike will soon be as easy as checking out a book at the library.

Starting Monday, anyone who has a Madison Public Library card will be able to check out a community pass that will give them access to the city’s BCycle bike share system, free of charge.

“Making bike share more accessible in our community is a top priority for us,” said Madison BCycle General Manager Helen Bradley. “Launching the Community Pass Program is one way we can ensure that everyone in our community has access to bike share as a transportation option.”

The new program, supported by the Madison Public Library Foundation, will give library card holders the ability to check out a BCycle pass for up to a week at a time. Riders can also check out helmets as needed.

“We are excited to form a partnership with BCycle that introduces the community pass to Madison residents,” said Executive Director of the Madison Public Library Foundation Jenni Jeffress. “Making their electric bikes accessible to library card holders is another way to help provide equitable bike share access for all riders.”

Each of Madison’s nine public library locations will have two community passes available for checkout. The Central Library location on West Mifflin Street already has a BCycle station outisde, and plans to install a station outside of Pinney Library on Cottage Grove Road are in the works.

Prior to the program’s launch, riders needed a credit card or smartphone to unlock an e-bike from BCycle stations. Citywide, there are more than 300 e-bikes available for checkout at more than 50 BCycle stations.

More information about the Community Pass Program is available online.