BBB warns of driveway paving schemes

BBB warns of driveway paving schemes

BBB Serving Wisconsin is warning consumers of a seasonal asphalt paving scam that usually pops up in warmer months.

The BBB says that the suspect asphalt companies usually place ads or go door-to-door claiming to have extra asphalt from a nearby project, allowing them to give a discounted rate. Ultimately, these jobs usually end up in sub-par work that costs much more than originally quoted.

To avoid being tricked by these schemes, the BBB suggests researching the company at, asking the salesperson to show a solicitor’s license from the city in which they’re doing business, or by directly calling city officials to ask if they’ve gotten complaints about a certain business.

To generally avoid an unethical asphalt company, the BBB suggests the following rules:

Be skeptical of paving companies that say they’re ” in the neighborhood ” and have extra asphalt ready to fix your driveway for a lower cost, because professional asphalt contractors know how much is needed to complete a project and will rarely have leftover materials.
Never hire someone on the spot. Written estimates are valid for many days from trusted contractors.
If the quoted price seems low, chances are the quality of work will be low.
Get at least two estimates before hiring anyone.
Don’t pay with cash. Credit cards are the BBB’s preferred payment method because customers can dispute claims and better recover lost funds.

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