BBB asks donors to watch for donation scams

Check charities with upcoming holiday season
BBB asks donors to watch for donation scams

As Veterans Day approaches, the Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin warns donors about possible scams when it comes to donations.

According to a release, many people may hear stories of disabled veterans needing assistance or other stories asking for Americans to make donations to charities.

In the past, BBB has issued warnings about charities that do not live up to expectations, and one red flag to look out for is an unwillingness to reveal how funds were spent.

“It’s inconceivable that anyone would take advantage of these heroes,” Jim Temmer, BBB president and CEO, said. “American donors are generous to organizations that help service members, veterans and their families. We only ask that you do some checking before you give.”

BBB has 20 standards that allow for a charity to qualify as an accredited charity.The organization has more than 11,000 charity reviews.

When considering to donate, BBB suggests donors learn about a charity before making any contributions, donate directly, don’t give money on the spot, determine whether an online site is secure and check with the BBB at