Barrett hit after recall loss

Milwaukee mayor said he believed woman was frustrated
Barrett hit after recall loss
Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is running against Walker in the governor's race.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said that he doesn’t believe Wisconsin’s problems have gone away because the recall election is over.

The Milwaukee mayor was gracious in his defeat on Tuesday night after losing to Gov. Scott Walker.
Despite that, Barrett got smacked by one of his own supporters. After giving his concession speech, a supporter, angry that he’d conceded, smacked the mayor.

Barrett didn’t seem upset and continued thanking supporters. He told reporters afterward that he understood the woman’s frustration.
“Oh, she was frustrated,” he said. “I think she thought that there were people still voting. My understanding was that the voting had been completed. I checked on that to make sure that everyone in Milwaukee had had a chance to vote and I don’t think she knew that. I understand people are frustrated. A lot of emotion has gone to this on both sides.”

The woman wasn’t arrested, but was escorted away.