Baraboo police investigate dog attack involving 2 pit bulls

Chief: Pit bulls attack dog
Baraboo police investigate dog attack involving 2 pit bulls

Baraboo police are investigating a dog attack that happened over the weekend.

A woman was walking her dog Friday night in Ritzenthaler Park when she told officers that two pit bulls approached and attacked her pet, police Chief Mark Schauf said. The owner was able to pull them off and take them home, and the woman took her dog to the vet with non-life-threatening injuries.

“I can only imagine the fear that comes with that, and the horror of watching your pet, your loved one, had to be a horrifying moment for this woman,” Schauf said.

Schauf said investigators were able to determine that the pit bulls were up to date on vaccinations. He said the owner was apologetic and planned to help the woman with any vet bills stemming from the attack.

There are still a few possible repercussions for the two pit bulls and their owner. The city of Baraboo has a leash ordinance that requires animals to be contained if they are off the owner’s property.

Schauf said the city also has a “vicious dog ordinance,” which stipulates that if an animal attacks a person or animal unprovoked on two or more reported instances, it could be subject to a declaration of viciousness by the city administrator. That means the owner of the animal would have to get a vicious animal license through the city and purchase special insurance to cover the medical bills of any future attacks. The animal would also have to be muzzled at all times when off the owner’s property.