Ballots with inaccurate title sent to Platteville voters still valid, Grant Co. clerk says

Absentee Ballot

LANCASTER, Wis.  — An unknown number of absentee ballots with inaccurate titles sent to voters in Platteville will still count if they’re returned.

Grant County Clerk Linda Gebhard confirmed Friday morning to News 3 Now the ballots meant for Nov. 3 accidentally said “primary” at the top.  The ballots in question are green, orange, and pink and went to three of Platteville’s four districts. A sample of the ballot is pictured below.

A Misprinted Sample Ballot

Photo courtesy of the Platteville Clerk’s Office

All other names, races, and information are accurate on the ballots.

Gebhard took ownership for the clerical error, saying she proofread the ballots before sending to a printer in Minnesota.  

The clerk said she called the Wisconsin Elections Commission as soon as she learned of the error.  The WEC told Gebhard the misprinted ballots will still count.

“Nothing is compromised,” Gebhard said.  “Votes will be counted, it jeopardizes nothing.”

Still, Gebhard told the City of Platteville to stop sending out the ballots until new ones could arrive.  Gebhard wasn’t certain how many ballots actually made it to voters, but told News 3 Now she ordered 1,000 absentee ballots for each district in the county.

Platteville’s interim city clerk said 927 of the ballots were sent out.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission feels “it’s highly unlikely” any of the misprinted ballots would face a legal challenge in court, Gebhard said.

She added if voters who received one feel uncomfortable about returning their ballot, they can call the Platteville clerk to request a new one.