Ball might play at Nebraska

Bielema says RB could practice tomorrow
Ball might play at Nebraska

Montee Ball might be able to play at Nebraska Saturday, despite sitting out the second half of the Badgers 37-26 win over UTEP.

Head Coach Bret Bielema says Ball was doing well Sunday and got optimistic reports from the medical staff.

Ball will have to pass concussion evaluation tests, but if he’s cleared, Bielema says there’s a chance Ball could practice Tuesday.

If not, Bielema says “obviously we’ll take it as it goes as the week moves forward, I know he’s very encouraging about where it’s at.. You see some of the things Montee’s gone through in the past – he came back from the one before the season started obviously with the incident very quick, so again, my hands are off on that situation.”

Bielema said “I know the things they said to me that they took on Sunday were very, very low. Not overly concerned to keep him out this week”