Baldwin, Thompson spar over health care

Polls show U.S. Senate race to be a dead heat
Baldwin, Thompson spar over health care

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson said he wants to protect Medicare, despite campaign attack ads that show him saying no one was better to end it.

Thompson said in Thursday’s debate with Democrat Tammy Baldwin that he wants to create a system that allows people to choose Medicare or the federal insurance program that is offered to members of Congress.

He said Baldwin wants to “allow the federal government to direct your hospital, your doctor, your pharmacy. She does not believe that Obamacare went far enough.”

The exchange early in their second of three debates became heated with Thompson extolling Baldwin to tell the truth about her record. Baldwin retorted that she was speaking truthfully.

Baldwin used Thursday night’s debate in Wausau to go after Thompson’s decision after leaving public office in 2005 to work for a high-powered Washington law firm. Numerous attack ads in the race have targeted Thompson’s career in the private sector making millions.

Thompson said Baldwin is on the extreme side of the Democratic Party and her positions would lead to higher taxes and not create jobs.

Baldwin, Thompson spar over health care

Thompson was governor for 14 years but hasn’t been on the ballot in Wisconsin since 1998. That is the same year that Baldwin was first elected to Congress representing the Madison area.

Polls show the race for Wisconsin’s open Senate seat to be a dead heat.