Baldwin says election choice between 2 visions

Congresswoman was last speaker before Obama in Madison Monday
Baldwin says election choice between 2 visions

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin says voters are being presented with two different visions for the future of America both in her race and for the presidency.

Baldwin was the last speaker at a Monday rally near the Capitol before rocker Bruce Springsteen and President Barack Obama.

Baldwin is locked in a tight contest with Republican Tommy Thompson.

Baldwin said the different in her and Obama’s vision and that of Mitt Romney and Thompson is that the Democrats are fighting for the middle class and Republicans are looking out for special interests.

Baldwin says election choice between 2 visions

“For the last 14 months, everywhere I’ve gone in our beautiful state, people have told me they want a senator who will listen to working Americans, a senator who will wake up every morning, and fight for the middle class,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin told the crowd they’ve come too far to turn back now. She urged everyone to vote, if they hadn’t already, and told supporters to encourage their family and friends to get to the polls Tuesday.

Baldwin said the election offers a chance to “finish what we started.”

After the rally, Baldwin attended events in the Fox Valley in an effort to get supporters there to the polls.

Baldwin said she will be busy on Tuesday urging supporters to get to the polls.

“A lot of students on campus are going to be voting on Election Day, so I think I’m going to be (focusing a lot on the college vote). Basically trying to keep the volunteers rallied through the final moments,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said she’s feeling excited about Tuesday and believes her campaign is in a solid place going into Election Day.