Badgers offense moves on without Markuson

Linemen think there's new urgency in unit
Badgers offense moves on without Markuson

After a record-setting season in 2011, the Badger football team’s offense has been underwhelming in the first two games of 2012.

There’s already been the much publicized firing of offensive line coach Mike Markuson, but players and coaches say they’re ready to move on.

“That is what we are trying to teach this guys so we are just going to drive forward and make the best of a difficult situation,” said offensive coordinator Matt Canada. “As you would in life when a lot of things come your way and we have to play better. period.”

“I think this group. definitely embraces adversity,” said offensive linemen Ricky Wagner. “And we are real excited to go and we want the pressure back on the O line.”

“I think the urgency level was a lot higher amid the focus was a lot better,” said Wagner. “I really believe we know we are going ot showcase to the nation what we are capable of doing as an offense.”

UW play Utah State on Saturday.