Badgers fans make pilgrimage to Pasadena for Rose Bowl

LOS ANGELES — For decades, Wisconsin fans have made a pilgrimage of sorts to go to the Rose Bowl every time the Badgers football team makes it to Pasadena.

On Sunday, charter flights packed with those fans made their way to southern California from Madison, Milwaukee and across the state, making downtown Los Angeles their home base for the next few days.

Tammie Hodgson of Belmont says her charter played “Jump Around” on the plane, although people skipped the jumping.

“That would have been super scary, I would have had a panic attack,” Hodgson said.

For other fans, like Michael George and his mother Ann, from Trempealeau County, the trip west was about checking off a bucket list in memory of a loved one.

“My dad passed away a couple of years ago, and it’s kind of a bucket list thing for the both of us, so here we are,” Michael said.

“We always wanted to do this, but he was never well enough to do it,” said Ann.

A pep rally will be held for Badger fans Monday afternoon in Los Angeles, ahead of the game at 4 p.m. Wednesday.