Badgers Back In Driver’s Seat

Thanks to losses by Ohio State and Penn State over the weekend, the Wisconsin Badgers are now back in the driver’s seat to win the leaders division and play in the first ever big ten championship game December 3rd in Indianapolis.

That’s amazing, when you consider the disappointment right after the Badgers’ two losses.

“Fans live week to week and that’s what fans do — I think as coaches you approach things completely different,” said coach Bret Bielema.”Players kind of have a combination of both — they’re around a bunch of fans all the time and their families are fans,”

“Things happen for a reason and we have a lot of talent on this football team.” said quarterback Russell Wilson. “It’s a great conference to play in in the Big Ten and things happen.. We’re in a great situation but we have to take care of that situation.”

“The only reason we’re in this conversation is that we’ve been able to focus on the now the last two weeks,” said Bielema. “But the bottom line is if we don’t go and take care of business this weekend against Illinois, then it’s all for naught.”

Wisconsin plays University of Illinois on Saturday at 11 a.m. in Champaign.