Badger women’s cross country team staying grateful while staying in shape

MADISON, Wis. — The Badger women’s cross country team may be separated physically all over the world, but the team is staying together emotionally and mentally with Zoom dates and working out together.

The team has had to get creative with their workouts – using everything from logs to stones, but they’re keeping each other motivated and positive.

Senior Alissa Niggeman wanted to keep those vibes going, so she asked her teammates to send a clip of something they’re grateful for during this quarantined time, and it ended up being more than just motivation.

“It honestly made my whole week,” Niggeman said.

While the team is sad to not be together in Madison right now, Niggeman is grateful that her teammates are doing well.

“We know we’re all healthy and safe, and I think that’s the thing that we’re most grateful for,” she said.