Badger-rooted couple, business ready for team to come to town

Badger-rooted couple, business ready for team to come to town

Jackie Nytes has printing in her blood. Several family members in Wisconsin were rooted in the business, and somehow, she found herself doing it. But she found herself doing it somewhere other than the Badger state.

“At the end of the day, working with paper, all of these kinds of things, it felt really Wisconsin to us,” Nytes said.

Nytes met her husband, Michael O’Brien, as a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. After school, they got married and left Madison for O’Brien’s job.

“We were really looking for some place to belong, something to find some roots in, and the alumni club was recommended to us,” Nytes said.

At first, it was a social outlet and a place to share brats and brandy in the land of fried chicken and mac and cheese. Then, it turned into a business opportunity.

Two fellow UW alumni were about to retire, so O’Brien pitched the idea of he and Nytes buying Printing Partners from the couple. Almost 25 years ago, the sale was finalized, and they took over.

“Really, the university has been good to us in a couple of ways,” Nytes said.

“The alumni club actually gave us our start in business, and we’re very grateful for that,” O’Brien said.

Their Wisconsin-based clients and suppliers even give them a little taste of home. One in particular brings a case of Spotted Cow every time he crosses the Badger state border.

“It is really kind of cool when you think about that if it hadn’t been for the Wisconsin alumni association,” Nytes said. “We wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”

While O’Brien and Nytes admit they miss plenty about their birthplace and their college town, they’ve made a life for themselves in Indy. O’Brien spends his days at Printing Partner while Nytes has served 12 years on city council and is most recently the CEO of the city’s library.

They’re both proud to coach their neighbors on the essential Wisconsin knowledge, like cheese curds and properly layering clothes for cold weather. And oh yeah, Badger pride.

“Two years in a row? Wow. God love ’em,” Nytes said. “And they’ve worked so hard to get here and just really excited to be able to point to that success and all that that represents.”

“There’s no question,” O’Brien said. “We are Badgers.”