Back to School: What will lunch look like?

VERONA, Wis. — One of the major adjustments to Back to School this year will be feeding students.  Schools are ditching crowded cafeterias, lunch lines, and much more.  News 3 recently got a look at what meal time may look like when students return.

The Verona Public School Districts is one of a few in the Madison area where some students will be returning to school in person.  The district opened an abbreviated summer school program and tested out methods of sanitizing.  It also allowed for a setting to test out feeding everyone.

District leaders made their plan taking into consideration guidelines from the state and the CDC.

The district provided News 3 Now video that shows students eating in their classroom with their desks spread out.  Each student had their own water bottles.  Meals came in sealed bags.  When students finished eating the teacher offers them hand sanitizer.

“There was a substantial amount of planning and communication that had to go into place to making sure this would be a possibility,” said Amy Tranel, Verona’s Director of Summer School.

Next month kindergarten thought 2nd grade students can attend school in person for “half days”.

Some parents don’t feel confident with the district’s plan to reopen schools.

“I think whatever measures you put, it’s not going to work,” said a mother of two children who could return.  She chose to remain anonymous fearing any backlash from the community.

“I have nothing but praises (for the district), but I don’t think they’re doing the right thing,” she added.