Azalea Lights bring holiday cheer

Christmas light show runs through New Year's Day
Azalea Lights bring holiday cheer

A dazzling display of Christmas lights synced to music has once again taken over Bryan Hasse’s yard and home.

When he’s not on duty as a sergeant for the Town of Beloit Police Department, Hasse works on turning his home on Azalea Terrace into a spectacular display of flashing lights — all synced to music.

Hasse said this is the 10th year he’s put on the Azalea Lights display. He started in 2006 and has done it every year except 2010 and 2011, when he was in Afghanistan.Azalea Lights bring holiday cheer

“Honestly, when I first started, it was because I thought it was cool. So it was kind of more for me. You know, like, ‘Hey, let’s see if I can do this,'” Hasse said. “Then as the word got out that we were doing this, and more and more people came, we would get nice comments on Facebook, and we would come out and talk to the people that were coming to see the show, and you could just see the huge smiles on the children’s face.”

Hasse said it only takes one or two days to set up the display in his yard but can take between four and six months to program the lights to the music. He said he sometimes listens to a song around 200 times to make sure it looks just right.

“This is a way that we can bring a little joy and give something unique and different that not everybody gets a chance to see,” he said.Azalea Lights bring holiday cheer

Starting in 2012, the Hasse family decided to set out a box for donations that they would give to a local charity. This year, the money will go to Vets Roll , an organization that takes veterans to monuments in Washington, D.C.

“We do the show because we want to bring joy to people during the holiday season, but we figured, since we have a lot of traffic that comes to watch the show, what better way to have the ability for them to drop a buck or two in the donation box for a location organization,” Hasse said.

The show runs 5-9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 5-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The lights will be on until New Year’s Day.