Autopsy shows Lafayette County family’s 3 dogs intentionally poisoned

Autopsy shows Lafayette County family’s 3 dogs intentionally poisoned

A family in Lafayette County lost three of its dogs last week and found out Monday that they had been intentionally poisoned.

Owner Stacy Butson told News 3 in a recent interview that her dogs Bella, Bailey and Nora were found dead on her family’s property Sunday afternoon. She said it was suspicious because they all died within 30 minutes of each other and were all found with foam coming out of their mouths.

Butson took Bailey and Nora to the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab early last week to find out exactly how they died.

On Monday, Butson told News 3 she received the autopsy report and it showed the dogs were intentionally poisoned. The report states the dogs were poisoned from a highly toxic chemical placed inside a raw hamburger, which was found in both puppies’ stomach contents. She says the specific kind of chemical used cannot be disclosed at this time pending further investigation by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office. The report went on to say the dogs died within 15 minutes of ingesting the meat.

Butson said she doesn’t allow her family to feed human food to their dogs.

She has suspicion a neighbor had something to do with the incident, but nothing has been proven at this point. She asks anyone with any information to contact the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office at 608-776-4870.