Autopsy results pending for Milwaukee mother, daughters found dead in garage

MILWAUKEE — Autopsy results are pending for a Milwaukee mother and her two daughters who were found dead in a garage Sunday.

Arzel Ivery, 25, was tracked down in Memphis, and is now in custody.

The autopsies for 26-year-old Amarah Banks and her daughters 5-year-old Zaniya and 4-year-old Camaria were scheduled for Monday. They were reported missing by family members on Feb. 8, shortly after the funeral for Banks’ 1-year-old son who died from respiratory problems.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Ivery severely beat Banks hours after their son’t funeral. The paper cites a criminal complain which says neighbors heard Banks screaming “No, please don’t kill me!” as Ivery dragged her back into her apartment building. Another neighbor reported hearing thumping sounds, like someone was being slammed into the wall.