Auto shops have trouble finding mechanics

300 positions open
Auto shops have trouble finding mechanics

Auto shops in the Dane County area are facing a serious shortage of car mechanics.

At least 300 positions need to be filled in Dane County alone.

Paul Flogel, program director of the automotive technology program at Madison College, said this is the worst shortage he has seen in his 20 years of working in the industry.

“I get calls typically on a weekly basis from auto shops looking to hire,” Flogel said.

Auto shops are left with the challenge of filling positions as more Baby Boomers retire.

Flogel said more auto shops are also opening up in the area, but they aren’t getting enough applications.

If the shortage continues to grow, it could mean higher prices for customers and longer wait times for getting cars fixed.

“It either may drive up the cost to repair your vehicle because they’re going to have to pay people more to attract better employees, or it will take longer because of the fact that we have four people and I need eight.,” Flogel said.

The starting wage for mechanics in Dane County is about $12 an hour.

Flogel said the starting pay could also be the reason why it is difficult to recruit employees.

The shortage of mechanics is so great that Madison College has hosted four auto shop job fairs this academic school year alone.