Author: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

In evenly split Wisconsin, partisan divides may only grow

Close elections may become more common in Wisconsin, fueling participation but also more political divisiveness

Partisan division has paralyzed Wisconsin’s efforts to tackle its biggest challenges — including a pandemic that has killed more than 5,600 residents and left thousands jobless and dependent on a dysfunctional unemployment system.

So you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19. What next?

Wisconsin experts share tips for limiting spread and boosting your immune system — aiming to prevent hospitalization.

Morganne Seiner struggled to decide whether to visit her sister’s family in Marshfield, Wisconsin for Christmas. The 29-year-old Waterloo resident is five-months pregnant with her first child, a girl. She knew that traveling could put herself and the baby at risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

Aggressive policing escalates violence at protests, research shows. A former Madison police chief touts a better way.

David Couper, Madison’s police chief from 1972 to 1993, says law enforcement should ditch the riot gear and tear gas to keep the peace.

At least 1,500 young people gathered on Madison, Wisconsin’s Mifflin Street in April 1973 for a block party featuring street dancing, potato salad and sunshine. People drank beer, smoked weed and tossed Frisbees in the neighborhood near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus known informally as Miffland.

Could lawmakers ‘mess’ with Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes? Possibly.

Experts say pro-Trump lawmakers could try to overturn voters’ will and send an alternate set of electors, but the Democratic governor could block the effort

When Wisconsin voters took to the polls on Nov. 3, they were not actually choosing among Joe Biden, Donald Trump and third-party candidates. Rather, they were voting for a slate of 10 partisan electors who would pledge their support for the winner of the popular vote at the Electoral College.

‘Checks and balances’: Inside the life cycle of a Wisconsin absentee ballot

President Donald Trump claims widespread fraud in states including Wisconsin. Elections officials say numerous safeguards make that nearly impossible.

In spite of difficulties — and facing a state split almost equally down the middle by party — experts say Wisconsin election officials handled the election with integrity.

Thousands await jobless aid as Wisconsin leaders blame each other for failure

Wisconsin’s unemployment system buckled during the pandemic. State leaders are moving slowly to address a crisis years in the making.

As Wisconsin businesses shuttered this spring to slow the spread of COVID-19, jobless filings and phone calls flooded the state Department of Workforce Development — too quickly for staffers to keep up. But DWD Secretary Caleb Frostman remained optimistic. 

Misplaced Milwaukee flash drive morphs into false charges of vote fraud

Milwaukee’s head of elections says the flash drive with absentee vote totals was always in the custody of election authorities or the police.

Claire Woodall-Vogg, Milwaukee’s chief election official, briefly misplaced a flash drive containing vote counts on Election Night, she said in a Nov. 9 letter to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

‘Proud of my city’: Turnout down, but Milwaukee’s Black voters leapt hurdles to vote

Despite smaller turnout, activists see hopeful signs of determination as voters cast ballots amid a pandemic and barriers to get-out-the-vote efforts

Early in the morning on Election Day, Angela Lang stood in a conference room in the offices of BLOC — Black Leaders Organizing for Communities — on Milwaukee’s north side, addressing nearly two dozen staff members and volunteers.

‘Infodemic’ complicates Wisconsin’s public health fight against coronavirus

Misrepresentations of COVID-19 data are spreading on social media, making it harder to slow the pandemic

By Will Cushman WisContext When the coronavirus started spreading around Wisconsin in the spring of 2020, Dr. Chad Tamez hosted Facebook Live sessions to help patients understand the mysterious new pathogen. But the family physician in West Bend stopped the…

Ballot drop boxes offer ‘a safe place’ for voting in Wisconsin’s election

Among the changes to help make voting safer during the COVID-19 pandemic: absentee ballot drop boxes installed by local clerks around the state

When Amanda Vincent and her family embarked on their routine Friday night grocery store and Chipotle run in late September, they had a special item on their list: a trip to the absentee ballot drop box in Allouez, Wisconsin.