Author: Velena Jones

Local hospitals feel impact of IV bag shortage

Hospitals around the nation are dealing with shortages of IV bags, including here in Madison. The shortage comes after Hurricane Maria cut power to a  manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico.

Mount Horeb Area School District concerned about proposed transmission line

The Mount Horeb Area Area School District is raising concerns tonight about a proposed power transmission line. District officials fear if a transmission line is built, students who live around the area and whose school activities would take them near the preliminary route could face severe health risk.    

Stoughton 'no hit zone' looks to stop corporal punishment

The city of Stoughton is training their staff to help end corporal punishment. The area is the first city in Dane County to become a "no hit zone." The policy passed City Council in 2016, however city staff just started training on the policy last week.

Social media ad scams more common during the holiday

While you're shopping online for this year's holiday gifts you should be careful about what ads you're clicking on. Popup ads are commonly spotted on social media feeds but not all those ads are legitimate, according to the Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer Protection.

UW-Platteville addresses restructuring concerns

It has been less than a week since the UW Board of Regents voted to merge two-year campuses with four-year universities. Now University of Wisconsin-Platteville's chancellor is contacting the campuses that will now join the university. 

Initiative looks to prevent substance abuse

Sauk County is looking at new ways to tackle the county's opioid crisis. Treatment services have expanded in the area in recent years, but health officers said the county is still missing a major tool.

Bill aims to stop distracted driving; expands penalties

A group of Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to crack down on distracted driving. Under a new bill, Wisconsin drivers would be penalized for using apps or surfing the web while driving. Current law only prohibits drivers from texting and emailing.