Author: Sam Jones

Missing cotton candy? Lily's got you covered

A 9-year-old enlists her family to create 85 flavors of the summer treat.

Lily and her family pump out a whopping 85 flavors, from best-sellers like bubblegum and birthday cake, to chai spice and habanero. They even sell cotton candy for Chardonnay connoisseurs and eggnog enthusiasts.

A beginner's guide to urban foraging in Madison

Find edible fruits, nuts and more within city limits

There are plenty of public spots in town to snag some berries and other non-creepy-crawly goodies straight from the bush, tree or otherwise unrestricted plant.

How to safely embrace the outdoors in Madison

Outdoorsy options to beat the pandemic blues.

Things may look a bit different with hikers masked up, gardens and parks oriented for six-feet-apart travel, but adapted programming and adjusted hours are keeping the green thumbed people of Madison safe.

Pool days meet pandemic: Staying cool and safe this summer

8 activities to beat the heat in Madison during a global health crisis

With the recent reopening of the Goodman Pool, that itch-you-can’t-scratch feeling that physical distancing rules are interfering with our already-sparse Madisonian summer may intensify.

Art Fair on the ... screen?

MMoCA goes virtual July 11-12 for Art Fair on the Square

On July 11, the Art Fair on the Square webpage will go live for the two-day event — exhibiting the work (for sale and shipment) of artists across all mediums while raising money for MMoCA’s youth and adult programs.