Pence calls for creation of Space Force by 2020

Vice President Mike Pence called Thursday for the establishment of a Space Force by 2020, while also announcing immediate steps the Department of Defense would take to reform how the military approaches space.

US to reduce troops in Africa despite terrorist threat

The US military is weighing significantly drawing down the number of US Special Operations Forces in Africa despite senior military officials warning that the terrorist threat in Africa is increasing, three defense officials tell CNN.

US releases $195M in military aid to Egypt

The Trump administration has released $195 million in military aid to Egypt, funds that had been previously withheld due to concerns over the country's human rights record.

Russia slams US general, says he 'discredited' Trump

The Russian Ministry of Defense slammed US Gen. Joseph Votel Tuesday, accusing America's top military commander in the Middle East of discrediting President Donald Trump's position after Votel expressed hesitancy about working with Russia in Syria.