Author: Roberto Michel

Driverless cars are pulling in

Local companies are revving up for the future

Use of autonomous vehicles could be just years away, and local companies are revving up for it.

Audio Remix: More consumer going back to vintage formats

The old format is a hit with some younger buyers

If you're tired of listening to downloads through earbuds, or streaming music through a tiny device, you're not alone. More consumers are going back to vinyl records, component audio equipment and collecting music in vintage formats. In 2015, vinyl sales hit their highest mark since 1988, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Madison faces opportunity in manufacturing

While the closing of Oscar Mayer's plant in...

While the closing of Oscar Mayer’s plant in 2017 is the big story, positivity exists elsewhere in the area’s manufacturing sector. 

Keeping health on track with wearables

Wrist-based activity trackers aren't just personal

Wrist-based activity trackers and smart watches aren’t just personal—they can be a part of corporate wellness programs.