Author: Otehlia Cassidy

Cuban scientist rejects microwaves as source of mysterious attacks

A Cuban government investigator looking into reports of mysterious acoustic attacks on US and Canadian diplomats on the communist-run island on Monday dismissed a US government theory that microwave weapons emitting concentrated beams of radiation may have been used in the incidents.

Daimler promises to investigate cobalt supply

A day after a CNN investigation into abuses in cobalt mining, the maker of Mercedes cars pledged to investigate its supply chain to ensure child labor is not being used to power its electric vehicles.

Parents' Night Out at Harvest

Take a night away from the kids

As much as I appreciate how family-friendly most Madison restaurants are, there's something delicious about dining somewhere that doesn't cater exclusively to the high-chair set. Harvest is that place for us.

Fantastic Fromage: This year's favorite cheeses

It's hard to choose one favorite Wisconsin cheese

It's hard to choose a favorite Wisconsin cheese, but this year's winners embody an array of great options. Hook's cheddars and blues are standouts, and Carr Valley's original Gouda is just the gateway to other off-the-beaten-path options. Here are two…

The Art Behind Martial Arts

Learn what the best martial arts style is for you

Whether your goal is to increase strength and fitness, learn self-defense skills or trian for competition, there is a martial arts form for you.