Author: Michelle Li

Sweet Scientists win the 'Amazing Race'

Madison's own Amy and Maya pull through the finale

After being called "low hanging fruit" by The Wrestlers, UW's Sweet Scientists show them up during the finale.

Blog: Holiday fun at WISC

We basically rule the holidays

Sometimes we like to have fun at WISC behind the scenes. Here's a look at our last holiday shindig, er, I mean... company meeting.

BLOG: Honoring North side superstars

11th Annual North Star Awards recognizes great work in Madison

The North Star Awards recognizes people and groups for their dedication to go above and beyond for the community.

3 for 3: Three viewer questions answered by News 3

You asked, we answered!

Recently we asked our viewers on social media to ask us some good questions or tell us what they'd like to see covered in the news. Some of you asked some really thoughtful and tough questions.

5 Black Friday tips to beat the crowds

It's all about going online and price matching founder Jenny Martin gives us great tips on how to save money on Black Friday - and she's not the kind of person to brave the crowds.

Blog: L.L. Bean free organizer

If you get an L.L. Bean catalog, you'll want to pay attention

I have never ordered anything from L.L. Bean but I apparently get their catalog.  Paying attention to the promo code paid off.

Blog: The M List

Check out who's who in Madison Magazine this month

The M List this year centers around food innovators.

BLOG: Do you know these people?

An SD card was found in Mauston

It's hard to know the latest on this situation but I'm curious... did these folks get reconnected with their SD card?