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Wine expert says goodbye after fifteen years

Resident wine expert Michael Kwas talks wining and dining, inspirations and wrapping up his column after a stellar fifteen-year run

Fruit-Driven Sauvignon Blanc for High Summer

At the risk of sounding prosaic, I must contend that Sauvignon Blanc remains one of my favorite wines to drink in high summer. Its crisp acidity and dry, light body are refreshing foils for the heat. And it is often the best match for the season's ingredients, such as tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and basil—in short, everything you'd put in ratatouille. The ripeness of summer produce, however, calls for ripe wines. Sauvignon Blanc can taste distinctly herbaceous and green, but it can also be richly fruity, the ideal style for July and August. Although the varietal represents one of the very best value wines, there are nevertheless many bland versions out there. The following are my fruity favorites under $20 that harmonize with hot summer produce.  

Wine for chocolate lovers

Four red wines to pair with the staple Valentine's treat

Four red wines to pair with the staple Valentine's treat.