Author: Matthew Simon

Toxic algae closes 3 Madison beaches

Toxic blue-green algae prompted Madison and Dane County Public Health officials to close James Madison, Tenny and Warner beaches, all along Lake Mendota, Monday.

Study: Genetic discovery may lead to autism treatment

A University of Wisconsin-Madison genetic discovery, looking at two key brain proteins in mice with the developmental disorder fragile X, has researchers hoping they could one day develop treatments for other neurological disorders, such as autism.

Public education ‘pep rally' takes aim at budget proposal

Many of the 200 southern Wisconsin educators, administrators, parents and students attending a so-called pro-education 'pep rally' at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School Monday took direct aim at the current legislative public education package proposal.

UW researchers design wood-based computer chip

A University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering research and development team thinks a computer chip made mostly of wood could be the answer to potentially toxic, non-biodegradable electronics filling up landfills.

State park price hike met with mixed emotions

As they enjoyed a beautiful holiday weekend Saturday camping out, Devil's Lake Memorial Day campers had mixed feelings about a Republican-backed proposal to raise admission and camping rates at all state parks.

Homeless property moved from CCB to storage structures

To the dismay of some of Madison's homeless population and their advocates, city and county officials made good on a promise to move all unattended property from the City-County Building to storage structures about a block away on the corner of West Wilson Street.

Soglin's homeless crackdown sparks campout protest

In protest of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin's executive action designating the area outside the City-County Building as the only place homeless people can sleep other than a shelter, homeless supporters camped out alongside the homeless Thursday night.