DOJ watchdog says no political bias in Russia probe

The Justice Department's internal watchdog sharpened his criticism of the FBI on Wednesday, telling lawmakers he was alarmed that "so many basic and fundamental errors" occurred in the early months of the FBI's probe into potential Trump-Russia collusion.

4 takeaways from latest impeachment witnesses

House Democrats wrapped up their week of marathon impeachment hearings Thursday, with two more witnesses who further corroborated the allegations that President Donald Trump used his powers to pressure Ukraine's leader for political favors.

6 Trump associates convicted in Mueller-related investigations

Six associates of President Donald Trump have been convicted of crimes since he took office, all stemming from former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Some of the defendants pleaded guilty, and others were convicted after jury trials.

Impeachment inquiry uncovers 3 examples of quid pro quo

The impeachment inquiry has uncovered at least three examples of the quid pro quo between the Trump administration and Ukraine, where US military aid and a White House visit were used as leverage to secure an announcement that Ukraine was investigating President Donald Trump's rivals, according to documents and testimony from key witnesses.

Trump's efforts to keep taxes secret heads to appeals court

A federal appeals court expressed skepticism Wednesday that President Donald Trump can block a subpoena from New York state prosecutors for his tax returns, in a case that all sides see heading to the Supreme Court for an election-year showdown.

High stakes for Mueller and Barr as report looms

With the release of the redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report days away, the stakes are sky-high for President Donald Trump. But Mueller and his boss, Attorney General William Barr, also have a lot riding on how the report is received by the American people.

Papadopoulos breaks silence on Russian contacts

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos says he doesn't remember telling anyone on the campaign that Russia had damaging emails about Hillary Clinton, but "can't guarantee" that he kept the bombshell from his campaign colleagues.

Bob Woodward book: Trump called Sessions 'mentally retarded'

President Donald Trump has called Attorney General Jeff Sessions "mentally retarded" and a "dumb Southerner," striking a far more shocking and profane tone in private than his public attacks, according to a new book from legendary journalist Bob Woodward.

Audio expert analyzes secret Trump-Cohen tape

The debate over a secret recording between Donald Trump and his longtime attorney Michael Cohen continued Wednesday, with both sides offering different explanations of what was heard on the tape.