House set to pass $15 minimum wage act this week

Nearly seven years ago, a week after Black Friday, a few dozen workers walked off their New York City fast food jobs to demonstrate for higher pay. The median wage for fast food workers was $9 an hour, CNN reported at the time. The demand that would soon emerge as the movement's rallying cry — $15 and a union — seemed hopelessly ambitious, like a wild-eyed opening bid.

2020 Census hiring spree has yet to show up

Before Friday morning's jobs report, analysts had been expecting another healthy month for the labor market — projecting that employers added 185,000 jobs to their payrolls in May. But the report turned out to be a flop, coming in at only 75,000 jobs.

Amazon faces slate of shareholder proposals

Amazon shareholders have been a remarkably tolerant bunch over the years, sitting idly by while the company plowed nearly all its revenues back into expanding the business, submitting few if any resolutions each year for the proxy ballot.

US economy posts strong first quarter, but consumer spending slows

The US economy grew at a better-than-expected rate in the first quarter, the Commerce Department reported Friday. The top-line number is a pleasant surprise in a quarter marked by a government shutdown, severe weather, Boeing's troubles with the 737 Max, fears of an escalating trade war and the gradual fading of fiscal stimulus from tax cuts.

Hiring boomed in January

The US economy added 304,000 jobs in January, a surprisingly strong month of hiring as employers continue to bring in new workers.