Author: Lauren Rudersdorf

Cow & Quince features local products

Retail meets restaurant at this New Glarus spot

Madison Magazine talked to Cow & Quince's owner Lori Stern about local products featured in the restaurant.

Yumbutter is nuts for change

Yumbutter began its journey modestly

 After starting in the back of Bloom Bake Shop's kitchen, Yumbutter turned into a staple in Madison's grocery stores.

10 Pho-tastic places for pho

Places serve up both simple and traditional bowls

Here in Madison, you can find several restaurants serving up simple and traditional bowls.

A pho eating experience

Ann Tran teaches how to eat pho

Ann Tran from Saigon Noodles says there’s no magic trick to eating pho, but I would have to disagree.

Pho is not the new ramen

Despite some similarities, they are not the same

A quick way to offend someone of Vietnamese descent is to compare this most treasured dish to a bowl of ramen. Yes, pho has broth and noodles, too, but the similarities stop there.

8 ways to walk in a farmers shoes during Soil Sisters weekend

Experience rural life during three-day event

Every summer during the first weekend of August, rural New Glarus, Blanchardville, Brooklyn, Monroe and Brodhead come alive with a frenzy of activities on farms and in restaurants celebrating the women who grow local food.

Recipe: Summery biscuits

Taste the farm life with vegetables

Taste a piece of the farm life with this summer vegetarian cobbler with basil parmesan biscuits.

A low-carb love story

New eastside restaurant offers low-carb food

It was never in Melanie Seder’s plans to open a restaurant. When she opened the first Good Food cart in April of 2010, she had a vision for what her business would look like.