Author: Kevin Collier, CNN

Reddit says UK election document leak points to Russia

The distribution of a leaked UK trade agreement with the United States, currently the subject of heated debate ahead of the United Kingdom's general elections, is likely the work of an established information operation with suspected ties to Russian intelligence, Reddit said Friday.

Hackers find voting machines vulnerable to attack

For the third straight year, elite hackers from around the world who spent a long weekend hacking into voting equipment have released a report detailing vulnerabilities in machines still in use across the country.

DHS moves to defend voter databases from ransomware attacks

The Department of Homeland Security is creating a program to keep voter registration databases from being infected with ransomware in an effort to avoid a disastrous Election Day scenario in which a malicious actor -- either a meddling government or an opportunistic criminal -- would lock up the systems used to verify who is allowed to vote.

Barr renews fight with tech companies over encryption

Attorney General William Barr renewed the longstanding feud between law enforcement and tech companies over the issue of encryption on Tuesday, arguing that companies are jeopardizing authorities' ability to prevent major crimes.

States create anti-propaganda programs

As the 2020 presidential campaign heats up, individual states are ramping up education efforts to counter the threat posed by foreign disinformation campaigns to US elections.

Voting machine maker lobbies for paper ballots

The US's largest election equipment manufacturer has begun quietly lobbying Congress to force all voting equipment to create a paper trail, a sharp departure after years of selling paperless digital machines that can't be fully audited.