Author: Kathy Brozyna

Cute little French café should be your new lunch spot

La Kitchenette open nine months and going strong

I want to tell you about a sweet little place over on the east side that is perfect for having lunch with friends. La Kitchenette, which took over the space of Chez Nanou back in September, has been open now for nine months, serving French-inspired comfort food dishes under the direction of owner and cook Virginie Ok. Recently, I met a few friends there for lunch. It's cozy inside with a handful of bistro tables and bench seating along the back wall, which holds a chalkboard illustrated with...

6 essential knife tips

Here's how to handle your kitchen knives properly

Learn how to handle your kitchen knives properly with these 6 essential tips.

Where to find that pinky-up pizza in Madison

These three places serve up pizza's classy cousin

What's the difference between flatbread and pizza? One might argue it's the artisanal toppings or that fact that you wouldn't be out of line eating it with a fork and knife. If pizza were to have an opinion, he'd probably refer to flatbread as his classy cousin. Enjoy yours at the following locales.

A celebration of Indian American contributions

Library event will feature food demo and sampling

This Saturday, there's an event taking place in Madison that showcases more than 50 years of contributions that Indian Americans have made to the city in areas including science, medicine, research, technology, business, the arts and food.

Kickstarter campaign so close we can practically taste the artisan cheese

Landmark Creamery nears fundraising goal

The women behind Landmark Creamery are cheese maker Anna Landmark and food writer Anna Thomas Bates, who, together, make and market artisan cheese. The friends' old-world style crafted product can be found at cheese shops and fine restaurants throughout Madison and Milwaukee and on Saturdays at Madison's Westside Community Market. In Landmark's fourth year of production using cows' and sheep milk from local Wisconsin farmers, they are ready to expand —their goal is to raise $25,000 through a...

Canteen opens doors on corner of the Square

Taqueria and tequila bar in time for Cinco de Mayo

A taqueria and tequila bar—could there be a better restaurant with such a concept to open its doors right before Cinco de Mayo?

Cookbook helps those in a dinner rut

Food writer visits Madison to tout new cookbook

Have you ever sighed heavily while asking yourself yet again, "What am I going to make for dinner?" We all feel the weight of the question, and while we want to cook a wholesome dinner and bring our family to the table every night of the week, who has time? You'd be surprised how much time and energy it takes to come up with a relatively quick to make, easy and delicious meal.

Coffee Talk: Madison's latest java trends

Spilling the beans on coffee trends

There are some coffee trends stirring up change in Madison. We asked Michael Johnson, founder of JBC Coffee Roasters, to spill the beans. 

Humble's new owner offers tips for better crust

Humble Sweet & Savory Pie's new owner Jennifer Mans offers a couple things to keep in mind when making your Thanksgiving Day pie.

Humble Sweet & Savory Pie's new owner Jennifer Mans offers a couple things to keep in mind when making your Thanksgiving Day pie.

Cozy comfort foods with yum factor

Madison-area dishes take us back to childhood

Comfort food takes us back to our childhood kitchens, to home cooking and foods that are familiar. It’s no surprise there are many different ideas about what qualifies as a comforting dish. Madison—with its diverse flavors, textures and aromas—is a place where family recipes and traditional ways of eating are proudly shared. But these local restaurants’ comfort dishes, as different as they may be, all have one thing in common: They have the ability to bring you home.

A knife fit for a chef

Isaiah Schroeder Knifework's Japanese chef's knives mix beauty with function for a tool fit for chefs and serious cooks.